Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Street Food: The Ex! (aka CNE aka The Exhibition)


Everyone has wonderful memories of the Exhibition, starting from childhood, into your teens, and finally with your next generation. Nothing is more unforgettable as the food you eat there. Here is a quick rundown of the essentials I had while there
Corn Dog

Location: Midway Superdogs
Price: $6.00 CDN, jumbo
Taste: I am so happy this year they brought back the use of the footlong to make the jumbo corndogs, not just two regular hotdogs strung on head to tail. The midway makes the best tasting corndogs with the most cornmeal in the batter.

Toronto Food Festivals

If you are in Toronto, hope you did not miss out on the street festivals the last few weekends. Here's what you hopefully did not miss...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Street Food: Egg Waffles

Street Food: Egg Waffles

Location: Chinaton Center, 222 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON

$3.00 CDN or 2 for $5.00 CDN

Review: These little tidbits of crispy, soft, chewy heaven are a chinese version of the waffle. Literally translated, they are "little chicken eggs". It is the Torontonian answer to the Dutch Waffel-truck. They come hot off the specially designed iron and onto a rack for several seconds of cooling. The maker rolls up the waffle and deposits it into a paper bag for you to carry along the street. The proper way of eating them, is to pull off individual pieces to pop in your mouth. The outside should be crispy, while the inside soft, warm and sweet. A sniff into the bag should send out clouds of vanilla and egg. They should be made with a high amount of egg to give the inside a slight chewiness. These are not near the best I have ever had, but who can say no to a hot waffle on the street?

Street Food: Banh Mi

Street Food: Banh Mi

Location: Nguyen Huong, 320 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON

Price: $1.50 CDN

Review: I was orginally going to start my street posts from the Taste of the Danforth, but the large unmoving crowd, swarming like locusts over grilled meats, made me ride the rocket and head over to chinatown to take a look at the Chinatown Festival. My first stop was to Nguyen Huong to pick up a spicy banh mi. Long gone are the days of the $1 banh mi in Toronto.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Street Food Goblin is here to feed your tum!

I will be mostly covering street food of Toronto, but I will also include reviews of street food in any of my vacations, as well as provide...